Why upgrade your water heater?

  • Signs that your hot water heater may need replacing include; the heater not being able to heat water on a regular basis, regular overheating, or strange sounds emanating from the system. 
  • Older water heaters can fail causing expensive water damage, with leaks sometimes even causing water damage inside the home.
  • Old water heaters can often contaminate the water with rust and bacteria, such as Legionella.
  • In older water heaters, sections of the flue can become mis-aligned or separated which can result in a deadly carbon monoxide leak.
  • In some cases, when an older water heater becomes inefficient and the water heater burner does not shut off it can result in a house fire. In extreme cases, the build up in temperature and pressure can cause the tank to explode!
  • Tankless water heaters are more efficient and have a higher energy factor (EF) since there is no standby heat loss (the loss of heat when stored hot water is not being used). This lowers your energy costs. Tankless water heaters also take up significantly less space as they do not require a storage tank.

Learn why you should go tankless.

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