Why upgrade your air conditioner?

  • Old air conditioning systems harbour contaminants like fungi, bacteria and pollen that build up over time and spread throughout your home. Fungi like Aspergillus and Histoplasma Capsulatum are a major cause of respiratory problems and allergy symptoms.Replacing your filter can help, but ultimately does not remove contaminants built up within the unit.
  • Older air conditioners tend to need frequent repair as they become less efficient. They also have to work harder to cool your home, making your energy bills go up.
  • Our air conditioners can be fitted with a NEST Learning Thermostat that automatically adapts to your temperature preferences. It even detects when you are in and out of your home and can also be adjusted directly from your smartphone. This not only keeps your home at the right temperature, but also saves energy and money by not cooling the home unnecessarily.

Find the ideal air conditioner for your home.

Save over $564 every year!
Upgrade your old AC to a new Energy Star model, and save over $564 every year in cooling bills!