Water Softeners & Filters

We are committed to providing you the highest quality in water softening and filtration systems, improving the water in your home and helping to reduce your home’s impact on the environment. To obtain adequate hydration from bottled water would cost at least $1,400 per year alone!

(source: Polaris Institute)

Aqua-Balance Whole Home Water Filtration System

Aqua-Balance™ Total Home Water Filtration System

  • Water chemical filtration system
  • Removes several contaminants and pollutants such as chlorine, chemicals and odours
  • Self-Diagnostic feature
  • Fully programmable
  • Ideal for total water purification
Alka-Balance Whole Home Water Softening System

Alka-Balance™ Total Home Water Softening System

  • Significantly reduces heavy metals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Copper and Lead
  • Reduces costs for detergents, soap, electricity and gas
  • Allows appliances to operate more efficiently, reducing repair costs
  • Helps maintain healthy hair and skin
Flawless Faucet Reverse Osmosis Drinking System

Flawless Faucet™ Reverse Osmosis Drinking System

  • Gold standard in water filtration
  • Fits underneath any sink
  • Best possible water quality (fewest parts per million)
  • To obtain adequate hydration from bottled water would cost at least $1,400 per year!
    (source: Polaris Institut)

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