Knock, knock...

In order to create social awareness and to educate homeowners on the financial and environmental benefits of upgrading their equipment, our Eco-Advisors visit a large number of households and talk with homeowners on a weekly basis.  
All of our Eco-Advisors are highly trained in customer relations and of the policies in our Door-to-Door Ethics Handbook, and we ensure that our practices are aligned with all industry regulations and guidelines.
You'll always know if the Eco-Advisor you're speaking with is an authorized representative of Canadian Standard Home Services by the following:
Canadian Standard Home Services Eco-Advisor Uniform



Our Eco-Advisors use clearly branded uniforms.
Canadian Standard Home Services Eco-Advisor Badge

ID Badge

Our Eco-Advisors use employee ID badges that should display their photo, name, and ID number.
Canadian Standard Home Services Eco-Advisor Marketing Materials

Official Marketing Materials

Every Eco-Advisor uses official Canadian Standard Home Services marketing materials, such as branded brochures and flyers.
Due to a recent increase in aggressive and misleading door-to-door tactics, it is important to know your rights. Learn what to watch out for here.
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