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Caution With Door-to-Door Sales

What you should know…

Recent changes to the Consumer Protection Act (effective April 2015), have put preventative measures in place to protect homeowners from aggressive and misleading door-to-door sales tactics. But even with new laws in place, you need to be cautious when dealing with door-to-door salespeople.

While some salespeople use aggressive sales techniques, Canadian Standard Home Services Eco-Advisors only visit homes to educate homeowners on the financial and environmental benefits of upgrading their home equipment.

Door-to-door salespeople sometimes misrepresent themselves as Canadian Standard Home Services efficiency advisors, your utility, or a government agency and make false claims about their service.

Here are some things you should know:

  • Never let an unknown visitor enter your home.
  • Make sure to get the name and contact details of the salesperson and the company they represent.
  • Understand your rights under the 2015 Consumer Protection Act.

How to recognize a Canadian Standard Home Services Eco-Advisor.

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