Air Conditioning

Canadian Standard Home Services Air Conditioner

14.5 SEER / High Efficiency
Higher SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) means higher savings. Unlike older units that tend to have an 8 SEER rating or less, our Energy Star compliant air conditioners are almost twice as efficient with a 14.5 SEER rating.

High Efficiency A-Coil
All of our air conditioning units are equipped with brand new A-Coils, qualifying them for Ontario Power Authority rebates up to $400!

Our air conditioning units use R410A refrigerant which does not contain chlorine, making them more durable, more reliable and more environmentally friendly than traditional units that use R-22 refrigerant.

Get full coverage and protection with our Rent Relax program.

Make NO rental payments for 6 months!
Upgrade your furnace and AC today and make NO rental payments for 6 months OR get $1000 in rebates!

Energy Savings Calculator

See how much money you'll save using by using this interactive energy savings calculator.